Quinta Luce is a Production House and Content Creator.
Actively promotes ideas from development to implementation.
For each project he invests in the creation of a team of writers,
creatives and directors from different countries.

We promote creative development for film, television and event projects with a strong Italian and transcultural imprint,
with particular attention to transmedia , guaranteeing an optimal cost-quality ratio for the feasibility of each project.

What We Do


Feature films and short films, fiction and soaps, TV programs, web series, corporate and institutional videos, content for conventions, documentaries, educational, cultural and video art.

Feature films and short films, fiction and soaps, TV programs, web series, corporate and institutional videos, content for conventions, documentaries, educational, cultural and video art.

Our direct presence in some key audiovisual production markets such as China, India and some countries in the Middle East and Africa allows us to be able to offer diversified and unique solutions.

Cine Tv


Quinta Luce specializes in offering turnkey events. Over the years we have often been pioneers in the use of new technologies applied to both live and corporate events.

A correct balance between the spectacular elements and the contents of the messages can achieve great communicative effectiveness.

Thanks to the diversification of our activities, each event curated by Quinta Luce can be integrated with transmedia contributions to make it unique and usable over time.


The Creative department of Quinta Luce deals with the development of contents for Cinema, audiovisuals, events. We actively promote ideas by building teams of creatives and writers and supporting creative development.

Thanks to the possibility that we have developed in being able to take advantage of the support of the Italian diplomatic missions, we have established co-development and co-production relationships with various countries (North America, China, the Middle East, Africa).

When we develop a new idea for a project we always set ourselves the ambitious goal of "soliciting thought not to be satisfied with what it already knows".



Regardless of whether our interlocutor is a large group or a small company, Quinta Luce offers a wide range of communication products and services.

We aim for a balanced synthesis between new and traditional communication languages and technologies.

In Corporate communication projects we are characterized by the creation of proposals that allow the simultaneous exploitation of multiple communication tools to allow the customer to make the most of the technological platforms available today.


Thanks to the experiences we have gained over the many years of activity, we can also organize structured and articulated Castings on behalf of third parties both with fixed and itinerant locations.

It is a service that provides for a particularly articulated organizational and logistic structure and is therefore suitable for medium/large productions.

The ideal users are productions of musicals, feature films, television and radio talent.

Castings can be an excellent opportunity for integrated communication and co-branding.



Quinta Luce uses a fleet of DJI and AUTEL drones with which it can take aerial shots in different scenarios and with specific characteristics.

The possibilities are extremely wide, ranging from harmless drones weighing less than 250 g. to get up to the DJI Inspire 2 and Matrice.

We have activated collaborations with pilots and services that allow us to operate throughout the national territory.

" The fifth light, which is more beautiful among us,
breath of such love, that the whole world
down there in the throat (he is greedy) of knowing news:
within there is the lofty mind u' so deep
saver was put, which, if true, is true
to see so much the second did not arise. “

(Dante, Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto X)